projects » ZUMO-IMA

High Speed Measurements

The hardware, the monitor and the connections for the sensors are situated in a mobile, shock-damping box. The software consists of manual operation in which the sensor values can be read and graphically displayed. At the customer’s request, the measuring speed, hardware and functions can be adapted or expanded accordingly.

The ZUMO-IMA is used by our customer for high-speed measurements. A CompactRIO system from National Instruments is used. The system contains an FPGA chip from Xilinx and an Intel Atom processor. NI Linux Real-Time with an integrated user interface is used as the operating system. No additional measuring computer is therefore necessary. The visualisation takes place on a touchscreen connected directly to the system. The data can be saved on a USB data carrier.

Technical Specifications:

  • 220 V
  • 2300 mH
  • USB C 3.0 Interface
  • WPA 2 Network