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Our customer uses the ZUMO-ALD for simultaneous control of up to 10 microfluidic pumps. The system also records the temperatures of up to 4 type K thermocouples.

The pumps each have a separate housing, so they can be positioned directly and space efficiently in a fume cupboard. The pumps and the thermocouples are controlled by a U-Remote system from Weidmüller. The remote I / O system and the electronic speed controller of the pumps are located in a control cabinet which is set up outside the fume cupboard. The software of the ZUMO-ALD was developed in the programming environment LabVIEW by National Instruments. It enables the user to operate in two modes, manual and automatic. In manual operation, the pump flows can be adjusted manually and the temperatures can be read. In automatic mode, sequence controls for controlling the pumps can be created, loaded, saved and executed. All input and output data can be saved in both operating modes. The various parameters of the U-Remote system can be adjusted in the settings menu of the software, and the number of sensors and actuators can be adjusted at the customer’s request. Additional functions such as pressure measurements or temperature controls can also be integrated into the system.

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