Propshaft Test Station Bench for the Automotive Industry

projects ยป Propshaft Test Station Bench for the Automotive Industry

AixACCT mechatronics is a German mechanical engineering company that serves international customers, especially from the automotive sector.

Together with aixACCT, ZUMOLab developed the modular test rig software for their international customers. The systems have software that is specially developed to meet the users’ requirements. The hardware is based on National Instruments components which are integrated in a Time Sensitive Network, enabling data processing and visualisation in real time. The user interface of the software programmed in LabVIEW guides the user through all the necessary entries to successfully carry out the tests. In addition to the control software, the LabVIEW based software is made available to the user to create measurement sequences. As this software can be installed on any computer, the user therefore not only has the option of creating and changing measurement sequences on the test bench, but also on their workstation computer.