projects » BioLector-Prototype

The ZUMOLab software controls a BioLector prototype that can be used to monitor the cultivation of microorganisms on a small scale. Up to 384 individual cultivations can be performed and monitored with this BioLector prototype.

The software was developed using LabVIEW by National Instruments. The software controls communication between the X-Y travel unit (Profinet), a spectrometer (RS232) and the incubation shaker (CAN), which are the three main components of the BioLector-prototype. Within the software, these device components can be controlled either manually and independently, or in combination according to a previously defined protocol. It is thus possible to monitor the cultivations by moving the optical fibre of the spectrometer with the X-Y travel unit to the individual positions of the cultivations.   Measurements are made by adjustment of the spectrometer to the appropriate excitation and emission wavelength. The biomass, for example, is recorded using the scattered light or the formation of fluorescent proteins.   Depending on the parameters set, the acquisition of a measured value and the process of the optical fibre is possible within one second. The data that is recorded can be visualized during cultivation.